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Meet Dr. Baker:

"I highly recommend Toothbrush for Life!"

“The mouth harbors the most diverse amount of bacteria in the body. Without the proper removal and control of this bacteria, a person is at risk for systemic diseases. These include cardiovascular disease, joint disease, connective tissue breakdown, chronic infections, and candidiasis (severe yeast problem) to name a few. The most obvious problem can be decay in your teeth that can lead to a tremendous amount of other problems in your body. The importance of proper and frequent removal of bacteria in your mouth can be vital to your health. The use of Toothbrush for Life and frequent changing of your toothbrush is critical to good oral health. I highly recommend Toothbrush for Life to maintain your oral hygiene and increase your chance for good oral health. This can prevent systemic diseases that can be correlated to oral bacteria.”

Meet Dr. Loucks:

"Affordability, quality, and convenience!"

“As an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee replacements, we are constantly reinforcing good oral hygiene to our patients to reduce their risk of infections. The affordability, quality, and convenience of this product will make this much more attainable for everyone!”

Meet Megan:

"I look forward to brushing my teeth."

“I love this toothbrush! I have used other electric toothbrushes in the past but none have made my whole mouth feel as clean as this one. I love the variety of settings, too. It might sound strange, but I look forward to brushing my teeth.”

Meet Mark:

"I absolutely love it."

“I was using a popular electric toothbrush, but Toothbrush for Life surpasses it in every way. I absolutely love it, especially the different settings it provides. My mouth feels so much cleaner now and I’m confident that my next dental appointment will be a positive experience with no cavities or extra bills.”

Meet Tina:

"My teeth feel so clean."

“This toothbrush is amazing. My teeth feel so clean. It is so much more effective than my regular toothbrush. I feel like I have a healthier smile.”

Meet Jojo:

"My teeth feel healthier, cleaner, and brighter!"

“Brilliant! Both my teeth and the toothbrush! The Toothbrush for Life is lightweight, small, and best of all, very quiet. It travels with me easily, and my teeth feel healthier, cleaner, and brighter. The replacement head program promises to make my life easier, and even healthier!”

Meet Leah:

"5 stars! Love it!"

“I love my Toothbrush for Life! It’s easy and the charge lasts forever. My teeth feel clean and they have a wonderful and consistent white color to them. It seems to take away the food and coffee stains quite nicely! 5 stars! Love it!”

Meet Andrea:

"My teeth and gums feel so much cleaner and healthier! "

“In just the few short weeks that I have had my Toothbrush for Life, my teeth and gums feel so much cleaner and healthier! I am actually looking forward to my next dental check up, confident that I will receive good news about my gum health—something that we have been “keeping an eye on” for years with no improvement. Besides the Gum Health brush setting, my favorite feature of the Toothbrush for Life is the 2-minute timed brushing. As a busy mom of 7, I honestly can’t tell you the last time I intentionally took 2 minutes to do something just for myself. I love that the Toothbrush for Life guarantees that I take the recommended 2 minutes to fully clean and care for my teeth and gums. It is a great way to start and end my day—taking 2 minutes to care for me!”

Meet Chris:

"The brush is awesome!"

“I am a first-time electric toothbrush user, so unknowingly, I used my Toothbrush for Life like a manual brush. I could not believe how powerful it was. Now that I found the setting that I like the best, I let my Toothbrush for Life do the work and voila! The brush is awesome! I brush 3 times a day and my teeth now feel like they do after a trip to the dentist. I highly recommend this product and love the convenience of not having to ever go to the store to buy another brush. Thank you!”

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