Why Do Many Dental Professionals Recommend Sonic Toothbrushes

Among many benefits of Sonic Toothbrushes, one of the notable is its higher acceptance rate among dental professionals. But why? Find out.

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Having cleaner teeth and a whiter smile are top-benefits most people discover when switching to a sonic electric toothbrush from a manual toothbrush. Such enticing benefits as those are why many dental professionals suggest patients use an electric sonic toothbrush as part of an optimized oral hygiene routine.

Have you ever wondered why your dentist might recommend switching toothbrushes?

Is it because toothbrushes equipped with sonic-pulse technology are superior to the standard, manual toothbrush? Or, is it because their convenience makes them easy to use? Both of those reasons – plus a few more that we detail below, are why your dental care practitioner may recommend sonic toothbrushes for your oral care needs.

Sonic-Pulse Power Supports Healthy Gums

Healthy gums are vital for maintaining strong teeth and a fresh-looking smile. Without good gum health, your potential risk for other serious health issues increases, including increased risk for heart attack. Possible signs that your gums aren’t in top condition are:

  • Gum tissue appears red and swollen.
  • Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing.
  • Bad breath
  • Symptoms of gum recession, including sensitivity to changes in temperature.

When telltale signs of poor oral health arise along the gumline, many are tempted to use excessive force while brushing to properly “scrub” their gums. Although it may initially seem effective at cleaning gum tissue, this technique can cause more damage to gums.

This is why many dentists suggest using a sonic electric toothbrush to aid in improving gum health. For the ultimate in gum tissue care, consider an electric toothbrush with multiple gum care settings.

Sonic-Pulse Technology Improves In-Between Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning between teeth is essential for your oral health. Sonic-pulse technology improves your interdental cleaning experience with small, rapid, and continuous vibrations. These vibrations enhance the toothbrushes cleaning power by shaking plaque and debris away from teeth and gums and sweeping them clean.

Flossing between teeth and under the gum line is still the best way to clean between teeth properly. The use of an electric sonic toothbrush is not a substitute for daily flossing. However, your flossing efforts can be improved. The vibrations from a sonic-pulse shake free bacteria and plaque particles stuck between teeth. Those loosened particles can be removed from your mouth with simple flossing.

Sonic Electric Toothbrushes Are Reliable

Did you know that a proper brushing technique with a manual toothbrush involves several steps requiring focus and concentration? While you’ve likely heard all about how to brush your teeth from your dentist and dental hygienist, how often do you follow their advice?

If you multitask while brushing your teeth, -such as parenting young children or planning tasks, for example, you’re likely not following rules for good brushing technique. That is why several dentists recommend electric sonic toothbrushes.

Electric sonic toothbrushes can help to improve your brushing regime conveniently and with ease. The right toothbrush can ensure you brush your teeth for the recommended time, clean each area of your mouth, and apply the correct pressure specific to your oral care needs.

An Electric Sonic Toothbrush Enhances Plaque Removal

Removing plaque from teeth and gums is central to good oral health. Plaque removal helps keep mouths and teeth healthy by preventing cavity formation, reduces the risk of forming periodontitis, and keeps our tooth enamel healthy.

Regular brushing with an electric sonic toothbrush can lead to more significant plaque removal than what you’d likely experience with a manual toothbrush. The sonic-vibrations enable enhanced plaque removal compared to manual brushing. Also, smaller sized brush head’s on electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, like behind molars and the backside of lower front teeth.

Powered Sonic Toothbrushes Support Poor Fine Motor Skills

When fine motor skills aren’t in tip-top shape, a person’s oral health can become compromised. If someone isn’t able to perform proper brushing technique – due to medical conditions like arthritis, for example, an electric sonic toothbrush can help prevent their oral health from suffering.

Power toothbrush users only need to be able to hold the toothbrush and move it along tooth and gum surfaces. With a manual toothbrush, proper brushing technique requires the user to move the brush in a circular motion with gentle pressure. For those unable to do that, an electric sonic toothbrush can be used to optimize their oral hygiene routine.

Protect Your Smile For Life

Oral care and hygiene play an essential role in the quality of our health and well-being. Dental professionals know that in addition to having a bright-looking smile and fresh breath, proper oral care improves the body’s health.

Help protect your smile for life with a powerful ally – the sonic powered toothbrush from Toothbrush For Life. To order yours, click here.


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