How to Whiten Teeth with 6 Easy and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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Bright smiles and clean, white teeth have become a symbol of good oral health and high-beauty standards in North America. Appearance is usually the motivation behind taking steps to whiten teeth; however, natural teeth whitening measures can also provide several health benefits. 

Use of professional tooth whitening products may be necessary to remove deep, set-in stains from your teeth. But, natural and inexpensive options are available to keep your smile’s appearance healthy between whitening treatments. 

In this article, we’re going to look at how you can adapt your health and oral care routine to have whiter teeth and a healthy-looking smile.

Drink More Water 

tooth whitening tips

Drinking water flushes away food particles from the mouth and keeps us hydrated. When we don’t drink enough water, our bodies may become thirsty. And, when too little water is consumed over several days, the body can become susceptible to chronic dehydration, which can negatively affect the appearance of teeth. A lack of water in the body results in the mouth not producing enough saliva, limiting the mouth’s ability to properly wash away stain-causing plaque and food substances.

Drinking the recommended amount of water every day will keep your body functioning optimally. And, it will help keep unsightly stains away from your teeth.

Use Fluoride 

Brushing your teeth using toothpaste fortified with fluoride keeps your teeth strong, healthy-looking, and protects tooth enamel. Protecting tooth enamel is also a great way to keep your teeth looking white and bright. Products commonly used for oral care that are fortified with fluoride include toothpaste and mouthwash. But, for natural sources of fluoride, don’t hesitate to chomp down on the following foods:

  • Spinach 
  • Black tea
  • Grapes
  • Potatoes

Use a Sonic Pulse Toothbrush with Whitening Function

What you use to clean your teeth is equally important as when you clean your teeth. Good oral care products, such as the Toothbrush For Life toothbrush, help whiten teeth because it can remove stain-causing food particles efficiently and smoothly. A sonic pulse toothbrush equipped with a built-in whitening function makes it easy for people to keep their teeth as white as possible.

Many doctors and dental professionals recommend using a sonic toothbrush for optimal oral care and tooth decay prevention. The unique pulse-like action of a sonic-powered toothbrush delivers exceptional stain and plaque removal because of its ability to brush away debris and break-up stuck and stubborn particles.

Seek Regular Dental Care 

natural teeth whitening

Seeing your dentist and dental professionals regularly is a great way to keep your pearly whites bright. When you visit the dentist or dental hygienist for a cleaning and check-up, several measures are taken to help keep your teeth looking their best. When visiting a dentist, you’ll likely undergo oral care treatments that also help whiten your teeth.

Tartar Removal

Tartar deposits occur when a build-up of plaque on our teeth isn’t removed with proper brushing and oral care techniques. Also known as dental calculus, tartar is a yellowish-brown substance that bonds directly to the tooth’s enamel; only a dental professional can remove tartar build-up. Removal of tartar during a routine dental cleaning will help reduce the amount of staining on your teeth.

Root Scaling

Root scaling removes plaque and tartar that has settled into places along and under the gum line. If plaque and tartar aren’t removed from below the gumline regularly, gum disease such as Gingivitis can develop. Root scaling is a deeper level of stain removal that whitens teeth while preventing other oral care issues from developing, such as bad-smelling breath.

Stop Using Tobacco Products

The use of tobacco products is terrible for your mouth’s appearance and health, regardless of the chosen consumption method. Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or vaping e-cigarettes can be detrimental to a person’s oral health and smile.

Tobacco Stains Teeth

Smoking and chewing tobacco leaves stains on your teeth that appear yellow and unsightly. And, they are difficult to remove, even by a dental professional. The best and least expensive way to protect your smile from the signs of tobacco use is to cease smoking or chewing tobacco completely.  

e-Cigarette Use Affects Tooth Appearance

e-Cigarette use, commonly known as vaping, doesn’t stain teeth the way traditional forms of tobacco use does. Still, it does impact how white your teeth are in other, more indirect ways. And, it certainly harms the health of teeth and gums. Vaping causes a host of oral health concerns that impacts the white-appearance of teeth. Some of these issues include dry mouth, excess bacteria, cell death, and inflamed gums,

Eat Foods that Aid in Whiter Teeth

Eating healthy foods that are low in sugar, high in calcium, and low pigmentation will keep your teeth whiter. Foods that are low in sugar, such as leafy greens or cauliflower, help whiten teeth simply because the risk of tartar build-up is reduced. Foods high in calcium and phosphorus, including cheese, strengthen teeth and keep the enamel layer strong. And foods that don’t cause tooth stains, like hummus or sparkling water, are a great option to reduce the amount of staining materials your teeth are exposed to.

foods that help whiten teeth

Foods that are known to help whiten teeth include:

  • Strawberries
  • Cheese and low-sugar dairy products.
  • Pineapple
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery

Trust Toothbrush For Life to Protect Your Smile

Getting whiter teeth is a pleasant byproduct when you take steps to protect your smile. Using a doctor recommended toothbrush, regular brushing and flossing, making smart food choices, and regular visits to your dentist contribute to a bright, white smile and spectacular oral health. Learn more about the Toothbrush For Life’s sonic-pulse toothbrush and our commitment to helping customers achieve optimal dental health by signing up for our newsletter!


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