How to Choose a Toothbrush Subscription for Optimal Oral Care

Toothbrush subscription

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Have you added “toothbrush” in your list of subscription services yet?

At first glance, a toothbrush subscription service may not seem as glamorous as other hot-ticket subscription products. However, when the right service for your oral care needs is chosen, the resulting impact is nothing less than luxurious.

If purchasing oral care items from the drug store or supermarket is still your go-to method for tooth care items, it’s time to introduce you to the world of toothbrush subscriptions. Not only are they affordable and convenient, but, they also help to improve the quality of your oral health significantly! 

In this article, we’re going to reveal exactly what you need to know to choose a toothbrush subscription service that’s perfect for your unique dental care needs.

What is a Toothbrush Subscription?

Let’s first tell what a toothbrush subscription service is before we explain how to select a toothbrush subscription provider. Toothbrush subscriptions are just like any other product you can subscribe to that will be delivered to your home regularly.

Just as with other product industries -like fashion for example, differences in quality between toothbrush subscription services also exist. With toothbrush subscriptions, quality differences are largely dependent on the following factors:

  • The oral hygiene products being sold. 
  • The needs of the purchaser.
  • Available pricing options.
  • The company’s customer care policy.

 Next, let’s look more closely at those factors and how they relate to your dental hygiene needs.

Choose a Service That Meets Your Oral Care Needs

Above all, a toothbrush subscription service needs to meet your oral care needs. Any health subscription service you subscribe to has to provide value and convenience to your daily life. As you shop around, understand that not every plan on the market will fulfill your oral health needs. 

Not sure what your oral care needs are? That’s okay. Ask yourself the following questions to further understand your unique dental care needs:

  • Do you consistently brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes per brushing? And, do you spend an equal amount of time brushing each quadrant of your mouth?  If you’re not sure, a sonic toothbrush with a built-in timer is likely a good fit.
  • Do you replace your toothbrush/toothbrush head regularly, at least every three months? Consider a plan that automatically delivers new brushing tools when you need them.
  • Are you concerned about the health of your gums? A toothbrush with enhanced gum care options may be right for you.  
  • Is achieving optimal oral health a priority for you and your family? Select a toothbrush that’s recommended by dental professionals as part of your oral hygiene routine. 

Choose a Toothbrush that Enhances your Oral Hygiene 

Good oral health is essential for maintaining the health and wellness of your body, which is why selecting a toothbrush that can enhance your oral hygiene efforts is vital. There are three categories of toothbrushes, all of which are available through an online subscription service. Let’s review those three types of toothbrushes and help determine which will suit your needs best.

The Manual Toothbrush 

Manual toothbrushes are the original, classic standard we’ve all used for practicing good dental care. They do quite well for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but only when used in conjunction with proper brushing techniques. Additionally, if your mouth needs extra gum or plaque removal care, the manual toothbrush may not be the best option.

The Electric Toothbrush 

Electric toothbrushes are often better at cleaning teeth and gums than a manual toothbrush. They are equipped with rotating heads that scrub and clean your teeth for you. They usually do better than manual brushing methods. 

The Sonic Toothbrush 

Sonic powered toothbrushes offer exquisite cleaning power that can easily improve the health of your mouth. Like an electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrushes rely on the enhanced power of sonic vibrations to remove plaque and bacteria from teeth and the gum line. The sonic toothbrush offers users with superior oral care support.

Select a Toothbrush Subscription with your Preferred Pricing Options

healthy oral care

Once you’ve determined what your oral care needs and toothbrush preference is, the next factor to consider is the price. Available service options range dramatically in price, be sure to know what’s included in the initial package and each subsequent delivery after that.

Watch out for unnecessary bells and whistles that drive up the cost of your service. For example, if your service adds toothpaste and floss to its package, investigate the exact price you’re paying for those items. You could likely be paying much more for those items than you would from a drugstore.

Consider the quality of the toothbrush included in the service. If the product is a manual toothbrush, the cost is likely going to be low. While this may initially sound appealing, remember, a strong commitment to proper brushing techniques is essential to maintain optimal oral health. 

Investing in a superior toothbrush, like one with sonic-power, is going to have a higher initial cost than the manual or electric toothbrush options. However, when you consider the benefits of incorporating a professionally recommended product into your daily hygiene routine, the initial cost will likely seem minimal.

Choose Proven and Reliable Customer Service

Any toothbrush subscription service you choose is likely going to be a long-term commitment. Before making that commitment, find out if the provider you’re considering has a reputation for being reliable and helpful. Read reviews of current customers, either on the company website or outside online sources. Check out their social media presence to learn more about what others are saying about them.

Toothbrush technology has advanced immensely in recent years. Families now have more options than ever before for achieving optimal oral health. At Toothbrush For Life, we believe that good oral health contributes to good overall health. That is why we offer our customers a top-quality, sonic-powered toothbrush to use as part of their commitment to healthy living. 


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